Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Alphabetized Lists of Safe to Remove Bloatware for Sony Xperia ARC

Bloatware slows down the device, reduce free space and RAM and is basically useless. When creating custom ROM, most of the time these bloatwares were remove by developers. However, if you want experience a stock ROM and using this thread you can decide what to remove.

List of the Junk Apps (4.1.A.0.562)
  • (AdobeReader) adobe reader.apk
  • (ANTRadioService) antradio service.apk
  • (ChineseKeyboard) chinese tex tinput.apk
  • (DataOn/OffWidget) data traffic switch.apk
  • (DigitalClockWidget) Digital Clock Widget.apk
  • (SonyLauncher) Home.apk – Only if you have installed another launcher delete this
  • (JapaneseKeyboard) Japanese IME.apk
  • (Let'sGolf) lets golf_ay.apk
  • (LiveWareManager) live ware manager.apk
  • (Neoreader) neo reader.apk
  • (OfficeSuite) office suite.apk
  • (partofSonySync) Oma Data sync Service.apk
  • (PlayNow) play now client arvato.apk
  • (skinforChinesekeyboard) P O Box Skn Pink.apk
  • (skinforChinesekeyboard) P O Box Skn Wood.apk (skin for Chinese keyboard)
  • (Androidtipsonhom screen) Pro tips.apk
  • (CrashMonitor) Semc Crash Monitor.apk
  • (SetupWizard) SEMC Setup Wizard.apk
  • (SIMTool Kit) Stk.apk
  • store front.apk
  • (SonySync) Sync.apk
  • (GoogleTalk)Talk.apk
  • talk back.apk
  • (TrackID)track id.apk
  • (UpdateCenter) Update Center.apk
  • (Support) user support.apk
  • (WeatherWidget) Weather Widget.apk
  • (ClockWidget) widget analog clock.apk
  • (CalendarWidget) widget calendar.apk
  • (DigitalClockWidget) widget digital clock.apk
  • (MostOn/OffWidgets) widget on off.apk
  • (TimerWidget) widget timer.apk
  • (WorldClockWidget)  widget world clock.apk

After these, deleting above bloat wares my Xperia ARC works fine and faster than before. For other Xperia Devices with the same firmware these bloatwares can be removed. However, I cannot test it.

Best Regards,